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Engineering services

The right resources at the right time.

At M2S Electronics, our experience is at your service at all levels.

Our team of specialists works with you throughout the process. We can help you reduce your production costs, maximize your reliability, reduce production time and eliminate recurring problems.

Our engineering team can also turn your idea into a solution for all aspects of your need.


  • Feasability Study

  • Proof Of Concept

  • System Design

  • Project Planning

  • Requirements Management



  • Electronics

  • Firmware

  • Software

  • Mechanical Design

  • Industrial Design



  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Design for Testability (DFT)

  • Cost Reduction

  • Configuration Management




  • Issue Tracking

  • Training

  • Commissionning on-site

An excellent team to work with

M2S team is technically very solid and makes good recommendations for improving manufacturing. Keeping you informed of parts availability issues and the flexibility to adapt to changes makes them the best team to work with.

​need an electronics expert?

Contact us and discover our wide range of services
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