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printed circuit board


Printed circuit Board assembly,
the basis of our partnership.

Our many years of expertise allow us to be one of the most active PCB assembly manufacturers in the world.

Offering engineering and manufacturing services to many industries, we started our story with the assembly of printed circuits before offering fully integrated solutions, from design to mass production, to our customers. At M2S, we have a full range of surface assembly lines (SMT) which allows us to process your productions of small or large series.

Surface mounting technology has evolved rapidly, making components and circuit boards smaller and better than their thru-hole counterparts.

Our assembly equipment and qualified staff allow us to meet all your needs.

Take advantage of rapid technological changes that play a crucial role in the success of product roadmaps.

Trust a supplier with extensive expertise in current and emerging technologies, electronic assembly, testing and supply chain management.

Through lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and 5S, we provide the same level of quality to each of our customers: being an expert in electronic circuits makes us the perfect partner to successfully enter new markets.

Proactive team, expert solutions

Whenever there is an opportunity to improve processes, the team intervenes and achieves its goal for satisfaction beyond expectations.

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