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Our commitment to quality

Quality Policy

M2S Electronics is committed to offering quality electronic services and solutions, in order to meet applicable requirements and exceed the expectations of its partners, customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


M2S Electronics makes sure to continuously improve its quality management system, aiming for organizational progress through impeccable mastery of its processes within a team in full harmony.


M2S manufactures & designs according to main standards

countless good practices have been observed.

The mindset of M2S employees is based on quality, from the quality manager to the quality assurance specialist and all M2S staff.


M2S has an effective approach: we identify and add value for our customers continuously, throughout the relationship.

Improved cash flow
Evolving quickly. Some of our customers have improved inventory turnover and reduced transportation costs considerably by working with us.

Less product returns
See your field failures cut in half. Combine ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities with internal test engineering resources for continuous improvement in product quality and reliability.

Satisfied customers
Improve your on-time deliveries to your customers with the responsive M2S team and processes.


Less exposure

M2S team, made up of Six Sigma and supply chain experts, can help you mitigate your risk of excess inventory in a given product range and manage obsolescence.


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