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To achieve growth and profitability objectives, OEMs must find the right balance between cost and customization by rethinking their outsourcing strategy.

For OEMs, intelligent product design is more critical than ever. Other big keys to finding the cost personalization balance focus on the strategic supply chain and make regional strategy a central part of your outsourcing criteria.

Thanks to a combination of offshoring but mainly of the strengths and expertise of the Narvi consortium, through its global implantation model offers M2S customers the best value solution for their unique needs.

Optimize profitability and market penetration with M2S strategy in manufacturing and supply.

At m2s creativity is second nature

M2S 'agility in offering solutions that are not general, but which take into account the reality of its customers and their industry, is highly sought after.

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Take advantage of the expertise of M2S and Narvi consortium:

We will help you design the right outsourcing strategy for each of your products based on your risk tolerance for the proven critical factors.

  • Location of customers / end markets

  • Time zone

  • Delivery costs and times

  • Import-export management

  • Product size and weight

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Communication and language

  • Supply strategy

An OEM's overall strategy for procurement, manufacturing and after-sales service plays a huge role in strategic cost reduction. Off-shoring, on-shoring and near-shoring are all common terms in today's supply networks.

At M2S, we help our clients determine the best fit based on volume, expertise, technology, end market and product and component characteristics.

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