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corporate responsibility

At M2S Electronics, we are committed to improving the world around us and doing business "the right way".

The right way for our employees, for our suppliers and partners, for our customers and for the communities in which we live and work.

our mission

M2S is partnering with manufacturers located in North America, offering electronic value-added subcontracting, designed to meet the customer’s expectations.


In accordance with our values: Progress, Control and Harmony.

Ethics has been present at M2S for over 30 years

Our partners have observed that the rules of ethics are not new at M2S but have been in place since 1981 by the founders.

environmental policy

M2S Electronics, with strong expertise in the design and assembly of integrated electronic and electromechanical systems, recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for society as a whole, for the economy, for business and for the population.


M2S Electronics hereby undertakes to improve its environmental management system, to meet its compliance obligations, to reduce its environmental impact, to set objectives and to implement the following actions:

  • Raise awareness and encourage employee participation in respecting and implementing environmentally friendly practices.

  • To carry out its activities in accordance with the applicable legal requirements with regard to the environment, sustainable development and pollution prevention.

  • Consider the environmental impact of suppliers and partners practices as part of any collaboration agreement.

Raise our organization’s awareness about reducing water, paper and energy consumption in order to reduce waste and promote recycling.

code of ethics

The code of ethics outlines the standards that generally all M2S employees are expected to meet. Its role is to provide guidelines that will help you make decisions, consistent with the values ​​and mission of the company. M2S policy also aims to improve our practices in the field of electronics through our policies and procedures. Management practices are intended to encourage the supply chain to adopt the code of conduct of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition®.

All decisions must be taken in order to maintain the integrity of M2S, its Client & Shareholder partners (hereinafter called "Company") and its employees in the public arena.
Individually and collectively, personal integrity inspires an honest use of time, funds and corporate property when interacting with colleagues and others. The needs of the company must take precedence over the timetable.

M2S advocates courtesy, professionalism and honesty in our dealings and activities with customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues and others. No form of corruption will be sanctioned and the personal and corporate reputation must be protected and preserved.

Human rights
All decisions must be made with the objective of respecting human rights and the confidentiality of personal information.

Property rights of others
All decisions must be made considering the property rights of others in both internal and external communication.

Compliance with laws and professional orders
All decisions must be made in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply to the activities of the Company and the conduct of its business. M2S undertakes to comply with the instructions and rules of ethics of the professional orders to which its staff subscribe.

Company assets:
Financial transactions

M2S expects each of its employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to financial transactions and records. The procedure established to protect, report, control and accurately reflect the company's transactions must be understood and followed.
Falsifying business records or documents (contracts, orders, timesheets, expense accounts or the like) and misusing company credit cards are offenses.

Conflict of interest
Except in circumstances where professional codes of ethics prevail, employees are required to base their business decisions and actions on the best interests of the Company. Avoid putting yourself in a conflict of interest by dealing with members of your immediate family or benefiting yourself at the expense of the Company.

Limit the risks of dependence on a client and/or supplier, in order to maintain management independence, a decision within the framework of our business relationships.

All M2S Electronics employees have the duty and responsibility to ensure compliance with the policy and to make it respected.

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