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M2S Electronics, member of Narvi Consortium, is always seeking talented people. Please read our jobs posted on JOBILLICO or send your resume to fill current vacancies or future opening. Send your resume to Please specify which job title your applying for..

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"they are very open and transparent in their management"

"I love M2S, I think M2S loves me too. Human potential is very important, which is why I enjoy being at work day after day."

Employee with more than 30 years of seniority

We attach a great importance to the training of our employees as it is from the richness of our human resources as we move forward as individuals and communities.


We believe that the development of resources and the development of a sense of responsibility are gradually through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the progress of individuals within the company.


We foster long-term development that will allow a continuous and efficient business growth.


M2S is defined by its values ​​and these are common to employees. These values ​​underlying the mission initially reside in progress that involves grow profitably from our talents and our skills. To achieve this, we rely on control, using methods enabling us to achieve repeatedly stated objectives. This judicious mix requires all individuals to rally to a consensus reached  in harmony by the group.


Our corporate culture is imbued with individuals demonstrating desirable attitudes and behaviors within an organization such as ours. We attach great importance to these indicators; given the baggage owned by the person we hire.

Proud of the talents and strengths of our human resources, we rely on their personal dedication to the importance of directing all efforts and resources to the service and customer satisfaction. After all, the customer isn’t our fundamental reason?

Human Ressources

Phone: (418) 842-1717 #292


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