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prototyping services &

New Product Introduction


At M2S, we understand the value of prototyping services. As an electronics manufacturer, we understand the challenges our customers face when introducing a new product. Our mission is to offer an agile service to help you reach your target.

Our Prototyping Services (NPI) include of course the assembly of printed circuits and complete integrated systems, but also the services at the level of design for assembly (DFA) and design for tests (DFT) early in development, not forgetting the manufacture of electric harnesses.

Prototyping as the first step in a long-term

trusted partnership.

Our core expertise is to provide advanced and reliable electronic manufacturing services. We are determined to provide you with a complete electronic manufacturing solution and thus prepare your product for the market. Our expertise goes beyond prototyping: introduction of new products, mass production, end-to-end product life cycle solutions, etc.


Thanks to our vast expertise, we offer electronic prototyping services geared towards mass production, considerably reducing time to market and improving the cost competitiveness of your product.

Get an edge over the competition

Thanks to our team of many specialists, our customers are 100% confident that their project will meet the market date with a foolproof design and ready for launch in mass production.

are you introducing a new product?

Contact us to get on board from the start.
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