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Safety in Sensitive Environments

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juil. 2019

Environments such as hydropower, mining, nuclear, gas and oil sites are places where health and safety are at the heart of everyday concerns.

In order to meet the essential requirements of security, M2S has developed an expertise since the late 80s, allowing us to offer industrial sound equipment for the generation of security alarms and operation in these sensitive environments (PA/GA system Public Address and General Alarm System).

The latest version of our PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) was co-developed with Bartec-Vodec in 2011, designed for use in harsh environments and hazardous conditions; it is mainly in the energy, mining, oil and gas industry.

Our R&D team developed an electronic interconnection card to facilitate the deployment of the PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) in an environment already having an audio distribution. Choice of connectors and wiring complies with industry standard. Our team is able to adapt, modify or create a new card to match a particular need of a customer.

Our PA /GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) is designed to operate even in the event of unit failure. The crucial units are doubled and redundancy of equipment is ensured automatically without human intervention. Tow PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) can also be networked simultaneously and maximize workers’ safety.

Since remote management and remote control of equipment are essential elements today, we have integrated a Gateway module into our PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System), which provides system status visualization and control, which can be automated or manual. The Gateway module integrates a multitude of communication protocols found in the industry. Our engineering team integrates these protocols into the PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) to ensure communication with the Gateway module. Our engineering team designs and develops software that can be directly deployed to the Gateway module, controlling automatically our PA/GA system (Public Address and General Alarm System) and ensuring to meet customer’s needs.

In order to facilitate the integration of our products with the customers, we offer training, on-site commissioning and technical assistance. Our team of engineers is able to support both user and maintenance teams as well as engineering and deployment teams.

Robustness, innovation, safety, management and remote control are your needs, contact our team.

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