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Why Using Conformal Coating?

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juil. 2019

In order to avoid degradation by harsh environments, usage of conformal coating ensures the optimum protection of a printed circuit board. Various coating materials can be applied to insure to meet the needs of each condition: Acrylic, Silicone, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Aqueous base, 100% solid, UV-curing.

These materials protect printed circuits from the harsh environments to which they can be exposed, such as:

▪ Salt spray

▪ Moist environment

▪ Condensation

▪ Chemical atmosphere

▪ Vibration

▪ Development of mouldiness

There are five main criteria to be considered for the additional protection afforded by a tropicalized varnish, considering that the first protection is the housing:

1. Humidity / condensation,

2. Maximum temperature,

3. Thermal cycles,

4. Attenuation of tin barbs,

5. Ease of repair.

Consider, for example, the temperature. It is important that the coating does not soften significantly at the anticipated maximum temperature which may cause it to flow and thus resulting in the appearance of traces but also from the enclavement of particles of materials which can create a conductive path and thus generate undesirable short circuits.

The most common technique is spraying, but immersion allows for a more complete overlap. At M2S, we also use an automated system to ensure superior uniformity of the application.

With this additional protection, M2S ensures the durability and reliability of your electronic components.

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