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total turnkey solutions

progress, partnership, savoir faire

High-mix manufacturing.

turnkey solutions.

lifetime partnerships.

M2S Electronics, member of Narvi Consortium, is a global leader in the design and assembly of electronic & electromechanical integrated systems. 


Founded in 1981 by three entrepreneurs, M2S has always been keen to strengthen the offer of personalized solutions to its customers.
In 1988 we made a major shift towards automation, so we now offer more than Research and Development.

At the dawn of the 2000s, we moved towards complex products and the complete integration service, by adding a second factory in Quebec City in 2011. In 2017, the creation of the Narvi consortium enabled the market and our customers to benefit from a workforce of more than 2000 people.


Finally, it is from these years that we intensified our solutions approach for a global service, whether in manufacturing subcontracting or in product-solution platform with high technological added value allowing our customers to shorten their time to market and work in a global partnership with our company.

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All companies of Narvi consortium bring complementary expertise and resources confirming M2S ' position as a world leader in the industrialization of integrated electronic and electromechanical systems.
Our positioning in North America (Canada, United States) and in Europe, meets the requirements of local support or content while bringing together the complementary know-how of each partner. It will also allow European customers to enter North America with local expertise.

À propos

The satisfaction of our customers and the implementation of our Customer Experience program are part of our daily life.

Our understanding of the reality of our customers
Our customers market products for their markets, it's their job. Our job is to constantly adapt our business models to their needs.
Our quest for customer satisfaction
Dramatic lengthening of delivery times on manufactured electronic products is observed. This is why we offer our customers an agile and flexible supply chain model that is constantly evolving.
Gains for our client
Our offer of value added services around electronic manufacturing allows our customers to focus on the needs of their own customers.
Our constantly evolving services and products
Today’s electronics can be very different from one industry to another. We speak the language of the industries in which we display our expertise and experience, based on proven achievements.
Our differentiating advantages
Our value-added services provide the best overall cost in the value chain, from product design, through all stages of manufacturing and after-sales service.


well-deserved national recognition

M2S has been actively involved in making Quebec a world-class player for almost 40 years.

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